2 Hot 4 U Burger @ Stacked Grill

Spicy, greasy, and enough to make you want a nap! As a lover of spicy stuff this is definitely a burger you want to make sure you have enough water for.

The homemade wing sauce creeps up on you. Those first few bites are a little tricky since everything just came off the grill the burgers are temperature hot, but slowly but surly the burning tongue sets in. The jalapenos are there to pick up where the sauce leaves off and provide one extra kick.

After a few bites the delicious pain sets in and goes so well with their sweet potato fries or coleslaw. I dig putting coleslaw on my burger as an additional topping because of the crunchyness and to add a little cool flavor if the burger is to hot (temperature hot, not spicy you panze!)

Great drink specials, tasty food, but it is not in the mix with everything else in Hyde Park so make sure you take a ride down Platt St and pay them a visit.

Menu Description

2 Hot 4 U Burger – Can you handle it? Two Angus steak burgers seared with Cajun spices, smoothered with pepperjack cheese, basted with hot wing sauce, and topped with jalapenos. Served with lettuce tomato and red onion.- $9.99

One of my favorite burger places! 9.3

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to defend your meal as well, lol)

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