Bison Steak @ Charley’s Steak House

I don’t go to Charley’s Steak House often but every time I go it is an incredible eating experience.

For starters I went with the Escargot.  WOW!  I use the bread as a scoop to get the snail and as much butter and garlic as possible.  Did I say WOW already?

Now onto the entree.  The server brings out this unbelievable medley of meat.  I was totally intrigued with the Bison Steak.  I have had bison meat before but only ground beef for a burger.  The server said it would be my new favorite steak.   He was right.   Unbelievable flavor and so tender it melts in your mouth.   Simply AWESOME!

I really didn’t need anything else but the Sauteed Mushrooms and Onions are difficult to resist.  Get a nice chunk of onion, a couple of mushrooms, a piece of steak and you have yourself the perfect “bite”.

But wait there’s more.  I thought I wouldn’t be able to eat another bite then the server shows up with a complimentary dessert – Amaretto Tiramisu.   I started off saying I would try it so I didn’t offend the server.  I did a lot more than try it.  In the immortal words of Will Ferrell as James Lipton – “SCRUMTRULESCENT”!

Rating:  10 out of 10  - A no-brainer for “Dean’s List”

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