Black and Bleu Burger @ The Brick House Tavern + Tap

Menu Description:  black & bleu burger cajun spiked burger, melted bleu cheese & caramelized onions

Who doesn’t love a good burger?  The black & bleu burger at The Brick House Tavern + Tap is a really good burger.  Burgers used to be somewhat of a stepchild on most menus but that has changed over the last several years.  These days everybody is doing burgers and sliders with numerous variations.

I’m all about taste but the shape of this burger makes for a great presentation.   The burger itself has a nice grilled flavor.  It was seasoned very well but I didn’t taste much cajun flavor.   No shortage of bleu cheese and carmelized onions.  No condiments necessary.   Pick it up and go to work.  The tater tots are a nice change of pace.  I haven’t had tater tots since my school days long ago.  These were much better than any tater tots from back in the day.

Price:  $9.50

Rating:  8 out of 10

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