Breakfast @ Eggstyle

I love breakfast and always try to find a good “local” spot.  I like a variety of items when I go out to breakfast – savory to start and sweet at the end.  Eggstyle has more than I expected.  I ordered eggs and blueberry crepes – not sure what a crepe really is, I’ll have to Google it.   Anyway…I was pleasantly surprised with a huge plate of variety.  My eggs were cooked over medium perfectly – no white junk floating around, great home fries topped with fresh chives, crisp bacon, hot cinnamon apples, toast, and the blueberry crepes.  Are you supposed to put syrup on crepes?  

I did and they were delicious.  It’s not often that I say it was too  much food.  It was too much food, but all of it plus a cup of coffee was less than $10.  

I’ll take the variety and leave some food behind.

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