Caramelized Banana Cake & More @ Fly Bar

Redemption! In efforts to give Fly Bar a chance to redeem themselves after the awkward D-May lettuce hot dog experience four of us had a great dinner and time out.

I would call this more of a tapas bar than a place to go for dinner. We shared pretty much all the plates we order, but the food and the atmosphere were all great. Each item had a great presentation and followed it up with deliciousness.

We got two other dishes, but I forgot to take pics of what they were. They were good though I promise! The Ropa Vieja and the Curried Beef Short Ribs were the other two. Very tasty and great to split.

The Goat cheese was flavored perfectly, fish tacos were seasoned well and were not too fishy, and there was a fight over the Banana Cake since no one was hungry anymore. After one bite everyone didn’t want to put their spoon down.

Menu Description

Starter: Panko Crusted Goat Cheese - charred cherry pomodoro

Entre: Fish Tacos- roasted tomatillo salsa

Desert: Caramelized Banana Cake- toasted marshmallow • homemade peanut butter ice…amazing!!!

It was a good amount of food for four people, granted we were drinking as well , I think each bill was around $25 with food and 2-3 drinks.

Let’s give the Fly a bump to a 9.1

Check Fly Bar out for yourself and let us you know thoughts.

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to defend your meal as well, lol)

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