Delicious Buffet @ Fresh Harvest

What a pleasurable dining experience! The food and service especially of all things was out of this world. I refer to the services quality because Fresh Harvest is a buffet and you typically don’t get a lot of face time when you are serving yourself.

The Hard Rock has some great places to eat, but for the money this is one of the best!
We started with the Mongolian Grill. More than half a dozen types of sauces to use and you steak, chicken, and pork are included, lobster and scallops are an additional charge (but the lobster was well worth it!)

I snatched up a few veggies, told the wokman (I know it’s not his official title) to toss in some steak and we were off to the races of deliciousness. I am a big fan of spicy so my sauce of choice was the almighty sirach. You meal comes with a little show as you can see, and it was worth all of the 3 minute wait! The steak was very tender and the spiciness was right one point.

Now over to Mexico for a quesadilla, simple and tasty. Quickly pressed with some cheese, chicken, and a side of salsa and sour cream. There was definitely other amazing things to hit up so save this one for a bit later if you still happen to have room.
I am a sucker for some wakame (seaweed salad) I was able to use some will power and not go back for seconds in efforts to try all varieties of food, but never the less it was delicious.

There is now a huge selection of sushi, but the California and Tuna rolls were satisfactory, but the steam BBQ pork bun was exceptional!

Onward to America, perfectly cooked and grilled flank steak, grilled lobster, (these two are my #1 recommendations!
Both out of this world tasty :-) grilled corn on the cobb, and BBQ ribs. As you can see the ribs had an attack plan set up and my shirt and shorts were the victim of this mission. :-/

My tasty trip around the world was concluded with a chocolate shake made with a few scoops of ice cream, milk, and blended to perfection. This was over kill on my already full belly, but I could not resist.

This was a truly pleasurable dining experience. After the rib attack multiple staff members came to the rescue with club soda, warm water, and lots of napkins. Unfortunately the damage was done, lol, and I was pretty well coated with BBQ sauce. It definitely made walking up to get more food a more entertaining experience.

A tasty experience indeed, don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself!

Worth checking out- 9.6

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