Grilled Chicken & Guacamole Sandwich @ Chilli’s

As you may be saying to yourself, “Joe, you were in Tarpon, why didn’t you go to a good Greek place!” I know, I know. It was an in prompt to lunch meeting, not a good excuse, but what ever.

As you can imagine it was a relatively mediocre sandwich. Chicken was obviously previously cooked and reheated. However! the spicy soup was quite fantastic.

The bacon and guac is what made the sandwich tolerable. But hey you gotta love the all day drink specials!

Menu Description

Grilled Chicken & Guacamole Sandwich-$8.00

2-4-1 main reason to stop by! 7.4

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to defend your meal as well, lol)

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