Grilled Salmon @ Outback

I know, I know it’s a chain, but it was at a networking event and I figured since it actually was quite good I would give it a plug. And yes I started eating before I took my pic :-p

It kind of pisses me off when you go to a networking event with only 15 people and you have an inflated price fixed menu, but I was a guest and it happened to be free so I have no complaints.

The salmon was truly cooked to perfection. It had just enough of the char grilled flavor and minimal fishiness. As you can see I got a baked sweet potato as well, delicious as usual plenty of butter and a little brown sugar & honey.

Menu Description

Grilled Salmon w/Baked Sweet Potato

Nice lunch size portion, I think the members pay $14 a week (a bit of a rip off in my opinion)

Not too excited to support a chain but the salmon was a 9.0

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