Montreal Sandwich @ BOCA

Unique flavor, unexpected and delicious! When I say unexpected I by no means meant I didn’t expect it to be good, but there was a subtle sweetness that gave it a little extra delicious pow.

It came with a side of fries and a homemade BBQ sauce. It was strange because I really liked it after the first bite, but the more I ate the less I was into it. The sandwich on the other hand great all the way through.

The corn beef was juicy and delicious, smoked in house and you can tell it got a little extra love. It had a hint of maple flavor that really gave it a unique flavor that wasn’t overpowering or even in every bite.

Great place, very trendy, and super crowded!

Menu Description

Montreal Sandwich house smoked corn beef, pickles,
grain mustard

Great unique flavor, let’s give her a 9.0

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