Nottingham Castle @ OWCS

OWCS- Olde World Cheese Shop

Oh my deliciousness! This combination of flavors came together to create a unique combination of mouth watering tastes that made difficult not to order another to go.

Each of the meats was juicy, but the sandwiches construction made it so you had a solid 10-15 min before the juices effecting the toasty onion roll. The roll itself gave it yet another element of uniqueness, I would say there were a total of 5-7 subtle and yummy flavors that came into play at the perfect time. Definitely better as a dine in instead of take out I think. I was concerned about the pickle and olive salad that was on it, but the wonderful lady who took my order (I think it actually was the owner) talked me into it telling me that it was very mild and there were no chunks of olive.

It was a great choice! The pickle/olive spread gave it a little extra something that you wont find anywhere else. I am feeling that this is a close front runner at a 9.5 presently…actually lets do 9.6, they did add that tootsie roll as a bonus :-P

Menu Description

Nottingham Castle – Double layer of Fjordland cheese, breast of turkey, ham, salami, roast beef, thinly sliced onion, tomato, pickle & olive salad on an onion roll, then grilled to perfection. – $8.42 (w/tax)

The Olde World Cheese Shop was the most unique place so far as far as the theme and unique combination of breads, meats, and cheeses. The plaza it was in was called Sherwood Forest! lol, great stuff. Friendly staff, personalized service, and sandwiches made to order. Yum Yum, what more can you ask for?

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish!

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