Triple Chocolate Cupcake @ Be Our Guest

I think this may be my new favorite restaurant at Disney outside of my typical turkey leg (really, what is better than a giant turkey leg at an amusement park?)

We had reservations to come here since October and my girlfriend didn’t realize it was the same weekend as Gasparilla so instead of drinking all day we went to Disney. Gotta say totally happy with the way it all went down lol. I have a duathalon (run-bike-run) next weekend and getting trashed a week before probably wouldn’t have been the best idea.

Back to the food!

I am not usually such a seafood person, I mean I love it, but this past week I seem to have been ordering it everywhere. I started with Mussels Provençal- with White Wine, Tomato, Garlic, Onion, Basil, and Butter, as you can see I forgot to take a picture as well, but this was great. There were probably 15-20 mussels in this deliciousness that was great for mopping up with my bread.

The menu description of the salmon makes it sound quite fancy, and the flavor was there to justify the fanciness! The Leek Fondue gave a very subtle sweetness that mixed excellently with the grilled flavor in the salmon. Everything was great.

Don’t think I need to go into too much of an explanation on these two deserts the descriptions and pics speak for themselves. They were indeed as good as the look and sound.

Menu Description

Pan-seared Salmon on Leek Fondue – served with Creamy Saffron-crushed Potatoes.

Triple Chocolate Cupcake – Chocolate Sponge Cake, Chocolate Mousse Filling, and Chocolate Ganache.

Chocolate Cream Puff – filled with Chocolate Mousse topped with Whipped Cream.

Reasonably priced as far as in park dining is concerned for Disney, make sure you get a beer while you are there. It is the first place ever to offer alcohol inside Magic Kingdom.

As an all around delicious experience I give it a 9.7

Check Be Our Guest out for yourself and let us you know thoughts.

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to defend your meal as well, lol)

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