Beef Brisket Sandwich @ Holy Hog

Let me preface by saying that this review may be a little biased. I am originally from Kansas City, where BBQ is king. Holy Hog is probably the closest Florida match for the BBQ style that I am accustomed to (which is a good thing.) Juicy beef, great flavor from the marinade, slight smoke, served dry with 4 sauces to choose from: there is a Sweet Mustard base, and 3 varieties of their “house sauce” – Mild, Hot, XTra hot.

The Good: The sauces were great. I really enjoyed the varieties. The fries were cooked upon order; so nice and hot. The guy making my sandwich trimmed the brisket before chopping so there weren’t any globby fat chunks (you don’t get that in KC.)

The Bad: I am used to a piece of white bread under a mountain of meat for a BBQ sandwich. I am used to taking some home (and having my wife steal it from me before I can snack on it later.) It surprises me that I walked away a little hungry from a BBQ joint. The buns were small and there was about a palm-sized portion of brisket on the sandwich. I guess that’s okay if you are dieting, however, I want to leave full, have sauce stains on my shirt and grunting about how freaking awesome that place was as I barely fit in my car; and I’m okay paying a little bit more to get that.

I just haven’t found suitable portions in Florida BBQ joints; maybe it’s just the culture down here? Maybe just the style? You could definitely order two sandwiches without struggling to finish.

$8- Rating: 7.5

I’ll still be searching.

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