French Toast @ Yanny’s

I’m convinced that when I get to heaven my mansion is going to be a second-floor loft over a Yanny’s Restaurant and that I’ll have to grab some of their French Toast as I come and go.

Meanwhile, I’ll gladly drive to Clearwater to have the best french toast I’ve ever had. My wife and I are adventurous when it comes to trying new menu items, but at Yanny’s we stick to the exact same thing every time (why mess with perfection):

A bowl of homemade Greek yogurt, topped with granola and honey, a single piece of french toast (even I can’t eat two … the plate in the photo is a dinner plate, not a bread dish!) and an endless cup of coffee.

The staff has been there for years and they are very efficient and friendly. Yanny’s is fairly small, which means you often have to wait, but that’s part of the charm. And it’s a wait that’s worth it.

Menu Description

Greek Yogurt with toppings: $3.77

Single French Toast: $2.99

Double French Toast: $4.99

Rating: 9.5

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