Cheeseburger @ Five Guys

Tasty, simple, and right on time! There are so many “gourmet burger” places popping up it is nice to go to a place that has just mastered the basics.

While Five Guys is a chain, I personally feel they have one of the best homemade types of burgers around. You pick all your toppings, they have jalapenos too which is freakin awesome, and everything is made to order.

Fries are fantastic, even though I prefer my fries a little crispier the fresh cut potatoes make them delicious!

Menu Description

Little Cheeseburger $4.89

Gotta give them a 9.4

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to defend your meal as well, lol)

Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Urbanspoon

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