Pescado a la Rusa @ Arco Iris

Arco Iris is one of the best spots in town.  For me, it stands out among the several Cuban spots on Boliche Boulevard (Columbus Dr).  Where else can you go to a Cuban restaurant and get Russian fish and Chinese fried rice?

The Pescado a la Rusa (Russian Style Fish) is fried to a perfect crisp.  Not a drop of oil to be found on the plate.  Most people are a little uneasy about the hard-boiled eggs and pimentos.  Once you have it, you will want it with the topping every time.  There are plenty of sides to choose from, but there’s no question for me.  The Chinese Fried Rice and Platanos (fried plantains) are a must have at Arco Iris and especially with the Pescado a la Rusa.   The fried rice is better than you’ll have at most Chinese restaurants.  

This is a meal I like to eat “Cuban style”.  In my family that means take the rice, pile it on the fish, then go to work.

Rating:  An absolute “10″ destined for “Dean’s List”

Price:  $8.25 – It comes with two sides, small up charge for Fried Rice & Platanos

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