Grilled Monte Cristo @ Wrights Gourmet

First stop on the quest for the most delicious sandwich in Tampa! Gotta say, there was quite a bit of hype about this stop on Facebook so I was psyched to check it out. I certainly enjoyed my sandwich very much, but I wan’t pushed back like Whoa! How have I lived this long without experiencing this deliciousness.”

Determining the most spectacular sandwich is no easy task especially when you have never met a sandwich you didn’t like, but in efforts to be a little more critical I am going to have to give this a stop a 7.5. Being grilled and on pumpernickel bread with Jarlsberg cheese gave it more uniqueness than a traditional Monte Cristo but there was something lacking that gave it that extra bit of awesomeness.

Menu Description

Our unique version is a double-decker served grilled on pumpernickel bread with ham, Genoa salami, turkey breast, German dill pickle slices and Jarlsberg cheese with our mustard sauce. -$8.63 (Total with tax)

Wright’s Deli was absolutely a great place and offers an assortment of great sandwiches. Check it out and judge for yourself!

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish!

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