Black Skillet-Roasted Mussels @ Timpano’s

Tasty, but not the best atmosphere for a private type of event.

As a restaurant, great place. Tasty food the mussels seem to be their go to feature item when there is a group of people coming. They are great, but kind of a pain in the ass to eat when you are standing up and can’t use both hands.

I imagine if we had a nice sit down meal this would be a great app dish to order. A big bowl of awesome roasted mussels cooked to perfection.

Check it out, the atmosphere is either what I would call a “loud, but intimate” type. I know strange combo. It is not a huge place, you have a little privacy, but if there are lots of people there its going to be noisy.

Menu Description

Black Skillet-Roasted Mussels -Tossed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt- 12

As a bar, great place! As a restaurant I think its a new must check out kind of spot. 9.4

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to defend your meal as well, lol)

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