Chicken Tikka Masala @ Taj Indian Cuisine

Last week, we decided we wanted our favorite ethnic cuisine for take out (lazy, tired, didn’t feel like getting dressed to sit down someplace- you feel me, right?) and Taj Indian Cuisine was tops on the list!

Taj is a non-descript looking place in a strip plaza in the USF area. We found it accidentally a few years back and it has remained a staple. Because we’re so danged adventurous, we opted for our usual of Chicken Tikka Masala medium hot (I am wimpy) and a side of  Vegetable Pakoras and Naan bread. After a short wait, we picked up the food and drove home. The car was full of the aroma of Indian food and we were tempted to just pull over and dig in. Being that we’re cultured women, we did not.

Once home we tore that bag open and took the lid off of the piping hot chicken dish.

Chicken Masala is “boneless pieces of chicken marinated and roasted in the tandoor then sauteed in spices and served with a rich
exotic sauce masala style.” I don’t know exactly what all the ingredients are but my mouth is happy to see this. It’s served with an ample amount of basmati rice which smells pretty heavenly by itself.

I grab a plate and put a mini mountain of the rice down and cover it with the Chicken Masala and as much of the sauce as is polite to get. That sauce alone is good enough to eat with a spoon. I hesitate…for now.

Chicken Tikka Masala

Next, I grabbed a plank sized piece of Naan bread…good stuff! Dipped in the sauce is like foreplay for eating.

Vegetable pakoras- “butter fried onions, potatoes, spinach, cauliflower served and deep fried with chutney.” This stuff is awesome, tasty, served with either the chutney or a hotter sauce, origin unknown. Who cares, it’s really good.

Here’s the deal about Taj. The food kicks butt, sometimes literally and there’s a ton of it. If you go there to eat, the staff is not the most friendly but the food more than makes up for it. I have eaten there many times. I will eat there many more times unless something drastic happens.

Honest, I didn’t keep the itemized receipt BUT for both of us and all of that food (there was enough leftover for one more person to eat again the next day), the total was about $30. Three meals at $10 a piece…good deal!

I rate the food a 9 out of 10.

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