Soul Food Buffet @ Frank-El’s Soul Food

…and then some!

I’ve been here a bunch of times and when I get a hankering for soul food, this is one of two places I head. Today was one of those days…I ixnayed the burger, ixnayed Mexican and persuaded my sidekick to head to Frank El’s Soul Food on Fletcher Avenue and 15th.

I got something unusual…the buffet! Today, there were greens, white rice, yellow rice, cabbage, black eyed peas, chicken three ways, turkey fish, corn bread and mac and cheese. I filled my plate high with the black eyed peas, mac and cheese, corn bread muffin, fried fish, sauteed turkey wings and baked and curry chicken. To heck with a salad and anything that might be good for me! Favorite part of the meal: curry chicken, mac and cheese and corn bread. The fish was too doughy and the black eyed peas were a little disappointing. I might’ve liked to get some more curry chicken but I have to watch my girlish figure.

My sidekick, Lynn, got some extra crispy deep fried hot chicken wings with fries and a salad(?). The wings were perfectly cooked and seasoned although they could have been a bit spicier. Some came home with us as it’s an ample sized appetizer (Who are they kidding? This is meal sized!).

No room for dessert for now BUT we did get a big wedge of coconut cake to take home.

The buffet is all you can eat and at $9.99, you could do some damage.

The wing “appetizer” is $6.99 and a meal size in my opinion.

All in all, I give it a 7! I’ve had better here before. Our waitress, Octavia, was extremely helpful and friendly and kept our bottomless glasses of sweet tea filled throughout the meal.

I’d go back! If you’ve been here or have another soul food place for me to check out, let me know! I’m game!

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