Spicy Tuna & Salmon @ Tomo Japanese Sushi Bar

Not the best, but good. I went with the lunch special $10.95 for two rolls and soup/salad.

The rolls were a little small. Lol, I feel like after going to Origami in Town and country all other places have a new standard they will have to live up to. So compared to Origami’s rolls these were tiny. Compared to most other places relatively normal size.

Both had good flavor, I would have liked a little bit more tuna in the roll I tasted much more rice than tuna. The salmon was pretty good.

This was definitely a nice spot to grab lunch at if you are in the north Tampa area. Quite, good food, and nice people.

As far as sushi goes I will give it a 8.5.

Check Tomo Japanese Sushi Bar out for yourself and let us you know thoughts.

Have you already been here? Let us know what you think and what is your favorite dish! (Feel free to defend your meal as well, lol)

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