Chicken Arepas @ El Caldero

Ok, it’s been a while…

BUT I have something really wonderful to share today. I found this little place on Himes Avenue just south of Waters called El Caldero  Latin Restaurant.  Three words…ho ly cow! Good food, very nice people, authentic recipes. If you’re wondering where it is, it used to be called CakeHaus. Same owners, same food, different name to avoid confusion.

I have been here before and crave their arepas. An arepa is a dish a little like a sandwich except the “bread” is made out of ground corn. My wingman and I split two arepas, one chicken and cheese and one beef and cheese, and an order of tostones. Tostones are like chips but better. The way El Caldero makes them is they cut plantains long wise, flatten them out and then fry ‘em up crispy like. They serve them with a garlic-y sauce or a salsa like tomato based sauce. I prefer a little salt and that’s it!

All in all, I was not disappointed. I do prefer the beef over the chicken but they were both tasty and juicy and way filling. The tostones were fried to perfection so that they were crispy on the ends and soft and tender in the center. Perfect combo!

The cost was really inexpensive. Each arepa was $5.50 and the tostones were $2.50.

I rate this meal an 8 stars out of 10!

You must try this place; you will NOT be disappointed!

Chicken Arepa from El Caldero      Tostones from El Caldero


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