Salt and Pepper Calimari @ Yummy House

I have heard about Yummy House sparingly the last few years.  I thought of it as a place to try if I am ever in the area, no priority whatsoever.  I finally tried it and I will go near and far to have it again.

The Salt and Pepper Calimari is the best Asian dish I have ever had.  Everything else is way behind.   The calimari is battered and fried to perfection with a great Asian flavor. I usually do not like a lot of salt and pepper but it belongs on this dish.  Then add in some of the herb, veggie, spice topping.   YUMMY!  YUMMY!  YUMMMY!

Send this one over to “Dean’s List”.  This dish is a resounding “10″.

Price:  $7.99

Yummy House China Bistro on Urbanspoon


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